Betty Barclay Fragrances

Betty Barclay Fragrances are for the kind of women for whom confident femininity and emotional sensuality go hand in hand. After all, this is also the trademark attitude conveyed by the attractive scents from Betty Barclay Fragrances: with a little help from us, every woman is free to accentuate those aspects of her personality that she wishes to put front and centre.

Sensual Moments

Fragrances which bring sensuality to life and represent powerful emotions. Step into a world where you’re free to dream and where all your wishes come true.

Stylish Appearences

The range of fragrances ‘Stylish Appearences’ by Betty Barclay Fragrances is for a woman who is fashionable and has perfected her look. The fragrances capture true style in a bouquet of scents and put them to work as just the accessory you need to match your perfect outfit.

Timeless Classic

The fragrances in the ‘Timeless Classic’ trilogy by Betty Barclay Fragrances are the last word in breathtaking elegance. They capture every facet of the modern and confident woman with an unforgettable personality.

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