Interview with Sofia Tsakiridou from @matiamubysofia

  1. How important are fragrances in your life?
    Fragrances play a very big role in my life. Whenever I pass anyone who smells nice, it immediately puts me in a good mood. For me, fragrances are highly emotional. I always associate them with something specific, such as an experience, a place or someone close to me. Sometimes I smell a certain fragrance and it makes me think of home, or brings back a happy memory. In the same way, I naturally like to smell nice myself, and I love it when friends say: "This perfume really reminds me of you!"

  2. What role do flowers play in your life?
    My flatmate Charlotte (@beautynotsize), who I moved in with in the middle of 2017, has a so-called green thumb. We both love flowers and have various flower arrangements in all possible colour combinations in vases throughout our flat – sometimes even several in one room. Not only do the floral bouquets give off a wonderful scent, but they also look simply beautiful and make everything look so much cosier and homely. My mother has always loved flowers too. We always had wonderful plants on our balcony and our large roof terrace. A home should always have flowers in it.

  3. As an influencer you travel a great deal. Do you ever feel the need or have the opportunity to retreat into nature?
    Whenever I have a couple of days free I try to go away, or at least take time at home to relax and escape from everyday life. I have a dog – Carli – so I have to go outside a lot anyway. That's very good for me. Even though my job is really great and a lot of fun, it's important for me to have time for myself – and I make sure that happens. It's often harder to do in a city than in a more rural environment. That's why I always love going with my boyfriend to visit his parents in the Swiss countryside. There I can truly forget all my worries and cares and recharge my batteries ready to launch back into the big projects and trips, which of course I also really enjoy.

  4. How would you describe Betty Barclay Beautiful Eden and what do you particularly like about this fragrance?
    Betty Barclay Beautiful Eden is a fragrance that invites you to dream. That's why it suits me so well. I don't take life too seriously and I also like to live for the moment.

    Betty Barclay Beautiful Eden is a wonderfully light, fresh and floral fragrance. It reminds me of a lovely spring day and also a little of my home. My favourite flower, the peony, forms part of the heart note of the fragrance. That's what I particularly love about Betty Barclay Beautiful Eden. When the peony is in season I always have these wonderful flowers in my house. Unfortunately they only bloom in early summer. But now I have its fragrance whenever I want it!

  5. How did you find the photo shoot for the campaign? Are you looking forward to your role as brand ambassador for Betty Barclay Beautiful Eden?
    I found the three days of shooting very exciting. It is the first time that I have had the honour of being a brand ambassador for a perfume. The location and the decorated setting were simply breathtaking. The resulting videos and pictures reflect this very well. We had great weather and a wonderful team for the filming and the photo shoot, and I really enjoyed working with them all. I was whisked away to a proper dream world full of beautiful flowers! Overall it was just a fantastic experience and I'm really looking forward to seeing the results.

  6. What are your dreams for the months ahead?
    I'm very excited about my role as brand ambassador for Betty Barclay Beautiful Eden in spring 2018. However, before the hectic period of the spring launch starts I'm going to fly to Cape Town for a couple of weeks. For me, that's like going to my second home. I'm so excited about it! Above all, I'm fascinated by the nature there, and want to spend a lot of time in it.